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Thread: Nursing for only a short time FTM Help!

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    My little guy is only 6 days old. After a hard fought battle, we finally got latching down - I have flat nipples. MY newest concern is that he is not nursing long enough. I let him go until I can't keep him awake or he won't latch back on. Most of the time it's about 8-10 minutes. Could he be getting enough milk in that time?
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    If diaper output is normal (see http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp...s/enough-milk/) then yes, he is getting enough even if his nursing sessions are short.

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    Frequency of nursing is what is most important in the early days. A minimum of 10-12 times per 24 hours-minimum! Duration can be important too but only a concern if baby is not gaining/pooping well even when nursing frequently. Remember weight gain should be measured from lowest known weight, not birth weight. It takes many babies up to 2 weeks, sometimes more, to regain up to birth weight.

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    Agree with pps. If diapers and weight are good don't worry about it. DD was nursing only one side for less than 5 min. at that age. I had tons of milk that let down really fast so she might take in a couple of ounces in just a few swallows.
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