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Thread: "mommy he needs the boob"

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    Default "mommy he needs the boob"

    today my 13 month old fell down and was crying, i picked him up and was holding him trying to get him to calm down when my 2 year old runs in the room yelling "mommy, he needs the boob". it was sooo funny. he was right, i gave himthe boob and he immeadiately stopped crying. too cute!
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    I love this!! Gotta love little ones and how they think!
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    That is adorable! Also completely right! The boob works for everything at that age!

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    That's awesome! My SIL started going back to the gym after her 2nd son was 6 months. She left her then 2 1/2 year old and the six month old in the daycare at the gym with the instructions to come and get her if the baby started crying and was inconsolable. One of the first times she left her two boys, the women in the daycare couldn't get the baby calmed down when he started crying, and my SIL's older son started yelling, "Hurry! Get my mom! He needs the boob!"

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    LOL Gotta love older siblings. My oldest was always on me "Mom, she needs to nurse." when DD2 would cry. Now that DD3 is here, DD1 likes to put her hand on top of my breast while I nurse. "I'm holding your nurses Mommy." because she wants to help.
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    "I'm holding your nurses Mommy."
    That is so cute!

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    Thank you for sharing such cute stories!! This thread seriously made my morning.
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