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Thread: Apps to assist weaning

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    I am quite an unexperienced mom (just started introducing solids to my first LO). I also live on my smartphone/ipad.
    I was wondering which app is the best to assist me feed my little Brian. Waiting for your recommendation

    Hope this thread will be usefull for all unexperienced moms like me


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    Welcome to the forum!

    I'm not sure there are a lot of moms here who feed their babies via app... But maybe we can help you figure out what would work for you based on your baby's age, your nursing goals, what your pediatrician is telling you, what you think babies your baby's age should be eating, whether or not you're working outside the home, any allergy concerns, etc.

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    Yes give us a little more info. Are you looking to wean, as in start solids, or as in stop nursing? Most of us on here nurse on demand so there wouldn't be an app for that . However it would be helpful to track what new solid foods baby eats, to guard against allergies. So what are you exactly wanting to track?
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    Sorry for not sharing more info. My LO Brian has 6 months and I started introducing solids (cereals and purees for the moment). For the moment he is doing well (no allergies identified, he seems to enjoy food). When I asked about the apps, I was thinking of something that would take into consideration my baby's parameters (like age, weight or other relevant data) to recomment a proper feeding plan for his stage (like the pediatrician does manually). In this way I think our children would eat equilibrated meals with proper nutrients and foods for their particular needs.

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    Oh, in that case, I think you can skip the app altogether. It's just going to needlessly complicate something that should be simple and enjoyable. Ever heard this expression: "Until one, just for fun"? Basically, it means that until the first birthday, solids should be for experimenting with new tastes, textures, and motor skills. They aren't necessary for nutrition until sometime around the first birthday, because until that time breastmilk (or formula) is sufficient to meet all baby's needs, provided you are feeding on demand.

    So what does that look like in real life? At 6 months, you nurse first, and then you offer a small amount (say a teaspoon or two) of a single type of solid food, and allow baby to taste it, touch it, and play with it. And you don't stress if he won't eat it! Squishing it with his hands or smearing it all over his tray or tasting it but then spitting it out- those are all terrific experiences with solids. You keep on with the same type of solid for a few days, watching for any allergy signs, and then start offering something else. And you don't have to offer cereal- aside from the vitamin/mineral fortification, cereal is just pure starch. Not the healthiest or most nutritious substance. Fruits, veggies, and meats all make good starter foods. The only things you should avoid are highly allergenic foods (shellfish, eggs, tree nuts), honey (can be contaminated with botulism), highly processed foods, refined sugar, and choking hazards (things that require a lot of chewing like nuts or hot dogs).

    As baby gets closer to a year, he may start eating more solids, or he may not. He may reduce his demand for breastmilk or he may continue to be mostly breastfed. Many babies do not transition to a majority solid food diet until they are well into their second year. For example, my firstborn didn't eat more than a teaspoon or two of solid food per day until she was around 14-15 months old. But that is not a problem, as long as you continue to nurse on demand.

    I know some pediatricians often question moms very closely about baby's solid eating habits, and read them the riot act about the baby's supposed need for cereal or the mythological inadequacy of breastmilk or what-have-you. But it's really not necessary to create stress about something so simple.
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    with mommal! I just wanted to add that From a purely scientific point of view, I don't think an app as you describe it can ever be developed. A baby's weight and height would not be sufficient information to determine needed nutrients because there is such variation in normal size. In addition such an app would have to account for baby's preferences which can be illogical! In my experience the frequency of feedings and amount fed are extremely variable week to week and day to day based on my LO's individual preference and always have been. that said I think mom is the best app when equipped with information! I recommend the wholesomebabyfood website. We were all first time moms once and had to learn it at some point! As I write this it occurs to me the only food that changes (in amount and composition) with baby's nutritional needs as he grows is breastmilk! I wish we had a solid food app that was that easy!
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