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Thread: Bottle feeding by day and nursing at night

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    Default Bottle feeding by day and nursing at night

    How long can we go on like this before baby gets lazy? She is 4 months old and has RSV and she has refused the breast before. Now it's getting really bad again and I'm afraid she's going to get dehydrated. She's not real congested. I think we're on the end of it. But she completely arches her back and twists away for the breast except at night. I have been dealing with breast refusal for going on two months now, and she is still gaining, just slowly.

    My husband tried to give her a bottle and she only takes about an ounce from it. So we're not officially there but I feel like that's where we're headed.

    I have given her some of a bottle too and she sorta fights the artificial nipple too, but will finally calm down and take some.

    If she completely stops nursing at night all together and always has bottles during the day, will she continue to nurse well at night? I know that mothers of babies wo work do it, so maybe we can too? During the day, when my husband is at work tho I'll have to be giving the bottles.

    Is there hope for us to ever go back to a normal nursing relationship?

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    I think there is hope but I would suggest to not give bottles as you think this is making the issue worse. Yes, many moms who work walk the bottles/nursing combo line, and all is fine. But many others struggle. Some babies just do not do well switching back and forth from bottles to breast and eventually refuse the breast.

    If baby must be given supplemental feedings due to health issues, have you tried alternatives to bottles especially an at the breast supplementer?

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    I have not tried an at the breast supplementer because she hates the breast most of the time. No one is telling me yet to do supplemental feedings. She just refuses so often I feel like I have to do them. I've tried to cup feed in a bumbo but she's so fidgety we end up spilling it. She will take freshly expressed milk by syringe for about an ounce and then she starts pushing it out of her mouth. She took 2 oz. from a bottle from me earlier.

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    does anyone know where I can get just the tubing for an SNS? I think I could get more milk into her that way when she's sucking her thumb. I could just slip it in there. She'll let me syringe feed her when she's sucking her thumb, but I kinda think it's too fiddly with me having to continue to reload the syringe.

    Or should I just buy an SNS since the flow is adjustable?

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