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Thread: Cracked Nipples, need Help!

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    Hi everyone. I am new to these forums, but I desperately need help. My baby is almost five months old and I had thrush for four and a half months. We just finally got rid of it...(knock on wood!) That and a bad latch for a while has left me with one badly cracked nipple and one so erroded it made a lactation consultant cringe. I have seen many LC's, none of which have been that helpful. Last time we were in they clipped my baby's tongue as he has a slight tongue tie, and I was told that will help me heal. However it doesn't feel much different to me.

    The thing I am most concerned about is yellowish discharge from my nipple which leads me to believe it is infected. I saw two consultants and neither one seemed too concerned about it, or just didn't have the time to really look at it. I don't want to take oral anitbiotics as that is how we got into this whole thrush mess in the first place. I had tons during a long labor. But I have seen some things about using polysporin. Do you think that would make the thrush reappear? Would it take care of the infection I have? I just have not found any professionals that have been able to help me, and I'm hoping I can get some advice here.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Is the discharge like pus? Pus from the nipple is a sign of bacterial infection and yes, oral antibiotocs would likely be the recommended course of action. I really do not know if a topical ointment would be enough at this point or not, with a nipple injury that severe a topical anti-biotic should have been suggested to you as a preventative measure. I believe you can have a culture done of the nipple to make sure it is a bacterial issue.

    If you do decide to take antibiotics, make sure to also take probiotics to try to avoid thrush.

    You could also try ALL Purpose Nipple Ointment (APNO) which is a prescription strength topical compound and has both an anti- bacterial component and an anti-yeast component.

    I am sorry you have not been happy with your local professional help. Did you see private practice or some other kind LC's? Were they IBCLC's, did you get recommendations, etc, ie, how did you find them? What length were the appointments? What have you tried for the latch issues?

    My link pasting has not ben working, for more on APNO google Jack Newman APNO

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    Thanks for your reply. I used APNO for over three months...so it obviously wasn't enough. I am now using a bactroban compound. I am already taking probiotics, and a whole slew of other things! I live in Canada, so it's a public breastfeeding clinic. I saw three different consultants there. They are just too busy I find to really help...it has been frustrating. With the latch, every consultant I see says it looks pretty good...which is why they clipped his tongue I suppose. We have worked and worked on it. On the side with less damage it doesn't hurt to nurse, so I figure that might be a sign of a good latch? Or i've just become totally desensitized to the pain...hard to tell.

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    I had horrible cracked nipples early on. The only thing that worked for me was putting neosporin (or polysporin) on the nipple after nursing, covering that in lansinoh and then wear the medela softshells to keep anything from toughing my nipples. My left side did have some yellowish discharge, and this healed it up in about a week. I had to wipe off before feeding each time. My son also got clipped, and I didn't feel like it was much different but I did heal up after it was done.
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