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    So we're at 3 weeks and DD2 seems to be starting into colic... Not absolutely sure that it is colic, though.

    She's doing well with lots of wet diapers and lots of yellow seedy poopy diapers. If they arent green, is she still getting too much foremilk? Ive noticed that some poops sound explosive, and one literally fountained (with her diaper off, mind you). It seems like she's in a lot of pain trying to get poops through, crying, twisting, and scrunching and straightening her legs up. She's gained almost 2lbs from her hospital discharge weight.

    I definately have some kind of OALD going on... mild clicking, occasionally coming off the breast coughing and sputtering, etc. She does seem to latch well (mostly no pain other than an initial let down) and drinks steadily. I've been doing breast compressions to help "empty" each breast before offering the other side. Typically she eats every 2 hrs through the daytime and 3 at night.

    I'm feeling pretty unsure of myself right now... Not sure, but I dont think we had much of this with DD1.
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    When poops are consistently yellow, the oversupply issue is probably mild. I'd guess the clicking is baby's way of dealing with a rapid letdown, but you can have a rapid letdown and normal supply, or a normal letdown that is still speedy for your very little baby.

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    The fussiness may be a has issue from the OALD. Young babies often have trouble keeping up and swallow air, resulting in gas/spitting up. Have you tried layed back nursing or catching the spay from your let down into a towel then latching on?
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    I've been doing breast compressions to help "empty" each breast before offering the other side. Typically she eats every 2 hrs through the daytime and 3 at night.
    If you have oald, or really anytime baby is gaining well, there is probably no need to do breast compressions or to worry about "emptying the breast", or to offer both sides at each feeding. These things could casue or excerbate oald. Any oald you have may be entirely temporary, 3 weeks is exactly the time milk supply would normally be peaking and a very good supply can lead to oald, and it will often naturally even out in the next few weeks.

    The easiest fix for mild to moderate oald esp in the early weeks is to nurse frequently, at least 10-12 times in 24 hours (more is fine), to nurse on cue even if that means more than once an hour for part of the day, to not nurse on any kind of such and such hour scedule, and to let baby "finish the first breast first" and not worrying about switching sides during a feeding unless baby is interested after nursing well on one side. If baby nurses on just one side, start on the other side at the next feeding which should be soon.

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