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Thread: 5 month old bottle strike... Please Help!

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    Default 5 month old bottle strike... Please Help!

    My LO will be 5 month old next week and has been EBF so far and its going great. She has taken bottles of expressed breast milk before (She will not take them from me, but would from someone else), but suddenly this week, she wants nothing to do with the bottles! My MIL tried our Medela bottles, then a Tommee Tippee bottle and my LO just screamed and turned her head away. She would not calm down until I nursed her. I'm a SAHM, so normally this isn't a huge problem, but I have to be away from her for a day in 2 weeks and both the MIL and I are freaking out. I'm afraid she's going to have a total meltdown at my in-laws. Is there anything I can do in 2 weeks to get her back to taking bottles? Any other types of bottles I should try?

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    Default Re: 5 month old bottle strike... Please Help!

    I have never been able to get my LO to take a bottle. Check out this thread. http://forums.llli.org/showthread.ph...native-Bottles

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