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Thread: 10 month old self weaning? Help!

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    Default 10 month old self weaning? Help!

    Hi everyone! I need help, my daughter will be 10 months on April 1st and I have been BFing her since day one with no major issues...until now. Starting one week ago she began biting, wiggling away, or spitting when I offered her the breast. Out of desperation, I pumped and gave her a bottle that she sucked down quickly. She would still nurse to sleep, in the middle of the night and upon waking. So I pumped for her daytime bottles (as usual during the week as I work FT) and it worked out ok, but she just skipped her after daycare nursing session.
    Last night when I went to nurse her to sleep she refused. I put her to sleep without eating When she woke in the middle of the night she still refused to nurse and still this morning. I pumped and gave her a bottle. Anyway, we are going on over a week of her not nursing normally and almost 36 hrs of her not nursing at all, is she weaning herself? What should I do? Should I just keep pumping and offering the breast in between? Or is breastfeeding over for us? Advice needed, thanks!!!
    P.S. She is getting 4 top teeth right now too.

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    Default Re: 10 month old self weaning? Help!

    It's gotta be those teeth. Might be uncomfortable right now. Keep pumping and offering and my guess is eventually those teeth will pop through and shell get back on track. Good luck momma.

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    Default Re: 10 month old self weaning? Help!

    Try nursing her after she is already asleep. Sounds like a nursing strike. Babies strike for all kinds of reasons. You can make it through. Try nursing when she is relaxed and not extremely hungry. Offer before she shows hunger signs. She isn't weaning. Babies do not wean this young. It doesn't make sense biologically. She still needs your milk.

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    ETA: It is now Monday and my baby girl has not nursed since Friday!!! I have tried multiple times a day since then -awake, asleep, letting my breast "hang out" while she climbs around on me, after Tylenol (because of her teething), while standing, rocking. I am pumping less and less each time and only have 30oz left in my freezer stash. I am taking her to the Pedi today to make sure there is nothing medically wrong with her, but she seems as happy as ever. She will not even open her mouth, she just cries or wiggles away now. Anything else I can do? Please help!

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    Default Re: 10 month old self weaning? Help!

    I'm wondering why are you giving her bottles? I read someone else on here write that if she thinks she can get away with refusing the breast and then she gets rewarded with an easy bottle, she will. You don't want to get in to a pattern of exclusive pumping, if you can at all help it. I agree with juno's suggestions.

    ETA: Hang in there! It sounds like you're having a really rough week. I hope the pedi goes well, and don't worry - your milk is still there now, if you can relax and get her back nursing you'll both be fine. Can you spend the whole day in bed skin-to-skin, low-pressure, relaxing?
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    Default Re: 10 month old self weaning? Help!

    have you tried the ideas for nursing strikes? This is prime age for nursing strike. Not likely baby is self weaning at this age.

    LLL general nursing strike article: http://www.llli.org/faq/strike.html

    Kelly mom "Help, my baby won't nurse!" http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/

    mom's strike stories: http://www.llli.org/nb/nbstrikes.html

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    Default Re: 10 month old self weaning? Help!

    I have tried everything and she is still not back to the breast! I took her to the Pedi on Monday and she is perfectly healthy. The Pedi said he thinks she has weaned herself and has advised me he doesn't think she will come back. I still try to nurse her several times a day, but she has zero interest. I am so sad I cry everytime she rejects me. I am still pumping, so she hasn't had any formula yet, but I am so incredibly sad. I feel like our bond had been broken. How long should I try to offer the breast? Will she ever come back?

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    Default Re: 10 month old self weaning? Help!

    You never know when or if a baby on a strike will come back to the breast. Some babies do. Some don't. I personally know 3 who self-weaned under a year, even though everyone says that just doesn't happen. Two of the moms pumped until a year, and then accepted that their babies, for whatever weird reason, were done.

    If you want to keep offering the breast, just do it. There's no harm in offering, except perhaps to your feelings. Which I am sure are just trampled right now. Hang in there, mama. I hope your LO decides that the breast is the place to be.

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    Thank you! All I read about is how a baby will not wean before a year and that makes me feel even worse because I wonder if I did something wrong. But nothing happened, she was a great nurser. Before this all started I was still nursing her 7-8 times on the weekend and at least 4 times on weekdays. I shower her with attention and love.

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