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Thread: can not leave the room

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    Default can not leave the room

    I just weaned my 13 month now i can not live her eyes sight with out her crying and she want to be in my arms all the time stand or sitting. Anything i can do or just a phase. She does even go to her daddy.

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    I think its just a phase. mine went through this around that age and she was not weaned so i'm not sure those are related. what helped is getting a baby carrier and wearing her when she got like that so i could still get some things done when she was feeling extra clingy. tell daddy just to give her some time she will be back to normal soon.
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    Separation anxiety around this age is normal and happens with both nursing and non nursing kids. If this behavior corresponded closely to the weaning, it's possible baby was not ready to wean and/or the weaning process went a little too quickly for her. Separation anxiety is often worsened by changes, such as weaning, mom going back to work, the expectation of a new sibling, or really any changes in routine. You could consider nursing her again, there is no harm in that, but if you prefer not, you can meet her deep need for closeness with you in all the many other ways you can. This need is normal.

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    I second the idea of either nursing her again and weaning more slowly or letting her self wean. And/or getting a sling or wrap. Personally I love my Moby Wrap but I also love my Ring Sling.

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    My third child was like that. If I left the room, he flipped. My current baby, who is not nursing, will also do it to some extent. I believe it to be a phase myself, but it could be exacerbated by weaning. While annoying, you will have a little companion until she adjusts. And it will be ok regarding Daddy. My third is all about daddy now, and the baby is starting to like daddy again.
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