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Thread: Help, advice or encouragement please...is this normal?

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    Default Help, advice or encouragement please...is this normal?

    My daughter is 12 days old and her feeding seems all over the place. As soon as she was born she latched very well and fed for over an hour, first night in hospital she seemed to want to be fed all night but wouldn't always latch on, the midwives told me to just keep at it but this was stressful as I had been for 4 hours non-stop and I couldn't settle her and hadn't slept in days (she was induced and her birth wasn't the smoothest). Then a few days ago she suddenly stopped latching properly always and at times she seems to 'faff' around even though she clearly wants to be fed. She is also sick at least once or twice a day sometimes more, sometimes just opens her mouth and milk comes back out and others it is a bit mucusy or bitty. At first she seemed to settle into a feeding pattern of every hour- 2 hours and then she had a few days with big sleeps where she could go up to 6 hours without feeding (despite our effort to wake her to feed) and then other days she seems to want to feed constantly for hours on end on and off to the extent where she will feed, be sick, feed some more, come off for 5-10 minutes want feeding, be sick etc. I try my best to keep her upright after feeding for at least 20 minutes to lessen the sick although sometimes she is sick upright or even when I put her down after this. She is quite gassy, I use infacol but she still has quite a bit of wind that you can hear and you can hear her stomach rumble loudly sometimes when I feed her. I tried feeding her the way taught by a breast feeding councellor which worked at first but then she seemed to choke and gag even more so I reverted to a shallower latch that she used to have and although she feeds better she still has her fussy moments. For a few nights she refused to be put down so I had to sleep with her on my chest although last night we managed to finally get her to sleep in her moses basket waking every couple of hours for a feed today she seemed to want constant feeding again for hours (despite being sick) and won't let me put her down at all. She has put on a pound since birth so I know she is feeding well and I've been told I have 'a great milk supply' and it does squirt out at times (probably why she seems to prefer a shallower latch) but it seems like there is no end. People say they settle down by the 3rd week but I can't see any light at the end of the tunnel with the constant feeding or being sick so please if anyone has advice or just encouragement that this happened to them I would love to hear it. The breast feeding councellor said she will speak to her manager about why she is feeding funny so doesn't seem to know and all I get from my mum and sister is that I am overfeeding her or she is comfort sucking etc when that contradicts health professional advice of not being able to overfeed a breast feed baby. It doesn't help that my sister also points out her baby fed every 4 hours on the breast and settled in between, I feel like I am doing something wrong especially with her being so sicky although it doesnt upset her when she is sick. I am started to be tempted by bottle feeding just so I can put her down every 4 hours but I know that it's not good for them

    Sorry this is such a long post but thankyou to whoever reads and responds.

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    Default Re: Help, advice or encouragement please...is this normal?

    s the first few weeks are hard! IMO Nothing you've described sounds abnormal though. Hang in there, so much more I want to say buy I'm on my phone I'm sure someone else will be along soon.
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    Default Re: Help, advice or encouragement please...is this normal?

    A 12 day old who was NOT feeding "all over the place" would worry me, not one who does. Up until 12 days ago your baby was fed constantly and never knew hunger. She was also comforted constantly by the familiar sounds and sensations of being 'held' in your womb. She is still transitioning from that life, the only life she ever knew! So of course, she wants to be held and comforted and fed-pretty constantly.

    Babies do NOT eat on a scedule, they need to nurse frequently throughout the day and night, many spit up frequently, they will eat like mad part of the time and conk out part of the time, etc. It's normal. As long as baby is gaining and pooping enough, all is well as far as THAT goes.

    You may have a touch of overactive letdown. This is common and not a problem unless it is causing issues when baby nurses due to the milk coming so fast and/or causing severe digestion issues (again, spit ups and gas (wind) are often just normal)

    The articles linked below explain oald and what to do about it. (Do NOT do block feeding at this point. It is much too early to say you have oversupply and that is what block feeding is for-to reduce supply.) But try the other things.

    If you have not already, work on finding relaxed and comfortable breatfeeding positions. What you were 'taught' may not work for you and that is fine. You and your baby will find how to do this together. Also consider finding positions/places you can safely hold and sleep with baby. Many many moms and dads find baby sleeps best snuggled safely right on top of mom or dads chest. This is normal!

    You are NOT overfeeding. Comfort nursing is neccesary and good.

    oald artricles: http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp.../fast-letdown/ and http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...ggrimacing.pdf

    "Laid back positoning" Comfortable and secure for mom and baby and also helpful with oald. There is not 'right' or 'wrong' way to position a baby to nurse! as long as baby is gettign milk and it does not hurt mom, it is good. http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfeeding.pdf and http://www.biologicalnurturing.com/

    What is normal in early days: http://kellymom.com/bf/normal/newborn-nursing/

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    Default Re: Help, advice or encouragement please...is this normal?

    with the PPs. Just want to add that when a baby spits up but is not in pain when she does so, spitting is a laundry problem and not a health problem. Also, your mom and sister aren't giving you good information. I know that's hard to hear about family! If they won't let up with criticism/advice, please remember that their experience is not going to be the same as your experience, and that often moms forget what life with a newborn is like. They may say "Oh, babies feed every 4 hours" and not remember that there were times when their babies fed every 20 minutes.

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    Default Re: Help, advice or encouragement please...is this normal?

    Bfing was so difficult for me also for the first few months. I ended up having issues with OALD that sound very similar to what you're experiencing. I started block feeding around a month old and things got way better. But definitely listen to the pp about trying other things first. A book that was SO helpful to me was The Nursing Mothers Companion by Kathleen Huggins. It truly is a great book! IMO a baby feeding every 4 hours is not normal so young. My LO ate every 1 to 2 hours most of the day for months. Even now at 13 months she doesn't go 4 hours between eating whether it's solids or bm during the day. Hang in there! You're doing what's best for your little girl and it will get better.
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