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Thread: period and breastfeeding..is it over?

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    I am pretty sure I've been given false info but ive been told that while im on my period i should supplement with formula..im breast feeding since day one and the last three days lo has been VERY fussy, eating almost every 2 hours where before it was every 3-4 and yesterday he went 6 hours during the day absolutely refusing breast..i need some help please..i dont want my little man to get dehydrated and my doc is not answering. I fed him this morning and he ate for like 10 mins and went back to sleep..i dont understand :-(
    All great info above. I just want to point out that nursing every two hours (or more frequently even) for at least part of the day is not only normal but neccesary at this age. Frequent nursing- a minimum of 10-12 times a 24 hours day-MINIMUM is what is normal at this age. This type of frequency allows baby to get enough and mom to make enough milk, so formula will not be needed. It will also help prevent an early return on your period. However, when you DO get your period back, no, that is not a reason to start supplementing! I have no idea where people get this stuff....

    Your baby being fussy and not nursing for several hours is scary, but it very likely has nothing to do with low milk supply. You can tell that baby is gettiing enough by weight gain and output. Behavior can be misleading. See article below for more.

    Please only get your breastfeeding info from sources who are known to be accurate. LLL has been helping breastfeeding mothers for 55 years. LLL's breastfeeding manual is called The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, it is less that $15.00 online and you may find it at your library. Get the latest edition, the 8th edition, published in 2010. That book, this website and www.kellymom.com should have basically everything you need to know about breastfeeding and are accuarate!

    This is a very nice concise article about what is normal in the early weeks: http://kellymom.com/bf/normal/newborn-nursing/

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    Default Re: period and breastfeeding..is it over?

    Babies also go through a growth spurt right around 6 weeks, which could be why your baby is nursing more than he normally does. My baby seemed ahead of the growth spurt ages.

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