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Thread: Caffiene and Nursing

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    So I don't drink coffee and when I do have any soda I always buy caffiene free. But occasionally when out and about I'll grab a Dr Pepper. Will this make my baby not sleep as well? I read that as long as you keep it under 300 mg a day it shouldn't effect their behavior and even a large Dr Pepper only has upwards of 90 mg in it. I just wondered if it could effect my baby at all. I didn't even think about it until after I had finished one the other day while out to lunch with my sister.

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    Caffeine is one of those things where different people have different experiences. Some moms find that caffeine bothers their babies and makes them sleep poorly or spit up more or whatever, others find that they can have a big mug of coffee without incident. So observe your LO. Hopefully the caffeine won't other her, but if it does you can always go back to caffeine-free drinks.

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    I could never tell a difference in my baby when I drank caffeine or didn't and I really did drink quite a bit of coffee the first 2 yrs (I trialed giving it up for a couple of months and she was as fussy as ever so I went back to drinking it). You can try giving it up for a few days or even a week and see if Baby does better without it. It doesn't sound like you drink much caffeine anyway, though so you probably could tell if your baby reacted to your occasional Dr Pepper.
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