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Thread: Help!! Dwindling supply or start of real weaning?

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*krysbe View Post
    I've increased my fluid intake from 80-90 oz (mostly water or mother's milk tea) to 100-120 oz a day.
    There's really no need to increase fluids (unless you're thirsty enough to want that much water!). Studies have shown that forcing fluids has no effect in increasing milk supply (and not drinking quite enough water generally doesn't decrease supply). You only need to drink to thirst.

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    Resolution!!! I discovered why I could not let down/pump anything before, and the issue is STARTING to resolve. She had a temporary, MAJOR increase in demand for milk and I simply just did not have anything left to pump. She went to the in-laws for the night last night and while she was gone (in a 15 hour stretch), I pumped 27 ounces without even trying. Going by this standard she is probably eating closer to 40 oz of milk in 24 hours compared to the 28-32 I originally thought she was. No wonder why my body can't keep up! I just wanted to share my resolution for others out there that may be looking at this post. The other thing that probably didn't help was my caffiene intake. I did some research and at kellymom it said that caffiene can decrease supply, so I have also cut that out in the past couple days as well.

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