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    Hello. I'm breast feeding my second DD who is 10 days old and I have a few questions. First of all, I had heard from several different sources that it's a good idea just to feed off of one side at each feeding to insure that the baby gets the fatty hind milk. Now that I've done this, I'm worrying that she's not getting enough at each feeding (she does have lots of wet diapers during the day and at least three poopies). Is it too late to start offering both sides at each feeding? How long would it take my milk supply to adjust? Also, she spits up quite a bit. Does this mean I should stick with just one side per feeding and just try to feed more often?

    This leads to my last question. She's a super-sleepy nurser. As soon as she latches, she starts to fall asleep. We usually get a couple minutes of good, active sucking and swallowing. After that it's more sporadic. I try stripping her down to the diaper, applying cool cloths, tickling, etc. but not much works. I've read a couples times that switching sides more often during a nursing session could help keep babies awake, but that seems like it would prevent her from getting the hind milk.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on my issues. I feel like I'm constantly stressing about the spitting up or worrying that she isn't getting enough. I had these same issues with my first DD and she ended up gaining weight very, very slowly. I was hoping that things would be more smooth sailing this time, but it looks like my babies are very similar when it comes to breast feeding.

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new baby!

    It is not general recommended that mothers feed only on one side per feeding during the early days of breastfeeding. The longer a breast goes without milk being removed from it, the less milk that breast will supply. So does that mean a mom MUST nurse on both breasts or risk losing supply? No. What she should do is to allow baby to finish the first breast at her own pace, and then offer the second breast but not stress if baby doesn't take it.

    It is never too late to start offering both breasts at a feeding, and it is never too late to increase milk supply.

    Spit-up is normal, and often has little to do with the way you're feeding baby. The sphincters that hold stomach contents down are weak in infants, but they get stronger in time, at which point spit-up diminishes and then stops. As long as your baby is a "happy spitter", spitting up without evidence of pain, spit-up is a laundry issue, not a health issue.

    Switch nursing is a great way to cope with a sleepy baby, and at this point it's more important to make sure that baby gets plenty of milk than to worry about hindmilk. I would definitely try switch nursing and see what happens. She should wake up fairly soon, at which point I bet things will improve a lot.

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    Thanks, mommal.

    So for switch nursing, how long should I nurse on each side before switching? Should I switch as soon as she stops actively sucking or go for a certain amount of time?

    I guess I'll go to offering both breasts at each feeding today. I don't want to risk her not gaining weight adequately by sticking to one side.

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    What I have always done is letting my babies nurse from one side until I feel like its very drained (I also had very sleepy nursers in the beginning so it took longer) and then I'd offer the second side. Most of the time my babies refused the second side because I have OS and they were getting plenty from the first side. But I always offered. If your DD takes it great, if not I wouldn't force it. Just always offer. She will get less sleepy with time. That's what I've found. As far as the spitting up when she spits up does she act in pain at all? If so then she may have reflux but if she seems fine other than just spitting up then its just a laundry problem Continue to feed on demand whenever she is showing hunger signs. Good luck! You are doing great

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    I'd switch baby as soon as she seems to be getting sleepy.

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    agree with PP's. My DD was a major spitter, but a happy one. While it may seem like babies who spit up a lot are spitting everything they just ate back up, in reality, it's usually just a little--if you were to pour a couple tablespoons of milk on the table, it would look like a lot as well! I also did the switch nursing with my sleepy baby, and it seemed to help keep her awake enough. Congrats on your new baby!

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