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Thread: Low milk supply prior to menstruation...how to nourish baby?

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    Unhappy Low milk supply prior to menstruation...how to nourish baby?

    How do I make sure that my 10-month old continues to get what he needs while my supply has dropped? My little one will begin to feed but pull away or fuss only after a few minutes (he normally nurses longer). When I pump I barely get about 2 ounces total. This is the third time I've noticed this happening since my cycle has resumed post-partum.

    I began taking calcium-magnedium-zinc supplements only yesterday after recommendation from another BF mom although I know that it will take a while to help restore my supply.

    His pedi. nurse suggested feeding him formula after he has had his solids. I offered him some earlier but he only drank about 1/2 ounce! What do I do for right now and also in the long-term?

    Thank you!

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    As long as you are home with baby and are nursing on demand, the best thing you can do is to just nurse, nurse, and nurse some more. Baby will get his needs met- it may take a bit more effort on his part and that may make him fussy, but he won't starve and as long as you don't supplement, your supply will rebound quickly. Remember, supply = demand, so the more often and more completely baby drains the breast, the better your supply will be. Offer supplemental formula, and demand will tank, taking supply with it. Your nurse should be ashamed of the bad advice she gave you!

    Now, if you're working outside the home, you will probably need to use your pump to mimic the increased demand a baby gives you when your supply dips. That means adding in some pumping sessions, at work if possible, on the way to/ from work and/or at home if not.

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    Default Re: Low milk supply prior to menstruation...how to nourish b

    The calcium mag supplements help in the long run, so give it some time.
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