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Thread: what's are you counting as a "nursing session"?

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    Default what's are you counting as a "nursing session"?

    OK, my LO is almost 8 months. She gets on the breast about 8-10 times/day, but really nurses both breasts fully only about 3-4 times a day. This is before naps and bed when she is half asleep and I can keep her on there. The other times she is only nursing one side, maybe 3 minutes tops (but at full throttle!) and sometimes less then that...sometimes not even to a letdown, before pulling off and giggling or rolling off. At night, she dream feeds one side for about 10-15 minutes on the average 2-3 times/night. I count all this as a "nursing session". Do you? She's growing wonderfully and we do the BLW for solids so she gets "some" of that too 1-2x/day(whatever she can manage to stuff in her mouth and not on her face or the floor). I'm just curious about the terminology of this and if it's what you all are experiencing at this age.

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    Default Re: what's are you counting as a "nursing session"?

    Your experiences sound completely right. My lo's nursing patterns were similar to your's at that age.
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    Default Re: what's are you counting as a "nursing session"?

    At 8 months I didn't count. As long as there are enough wet diapers, your LO is nursing enough. And at that age 3 minutes can be a full session. If my latest LO stayed on longer than 5 minutes it usually meant he was comfort nursing.
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    Default Re: what's are you counting as a "nursing session"?

    If she is gaining well and has enough wet diapers, at 8 months you don't need to count.

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