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Thread: Pump recommendation?

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    I have been renting a hospital-grade Medela, but I'm actually winding up with more than I need so I'm going down to pumping only the days I go to the office. I'd rather buy, but am not that interested in paying $300. Has anyone used and liked one of the more inexpensive pumps, like the Ameda Purely Yours?

    I have a great supply and fast letdown, so I want something fairly quick and fairly strong but it doesn't need to be a powerhouse like I have now. I do use the medium-size flange with the Medela so I do need something that comes with a bigger size than the usual small ones (or has it as an optional extra part).

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    I'm using the Ameda Purely Yours, and I like it. I actually like it better than the Medela Lactina I used for a while, though that was at the very beginning when I needed to supplement and was just learning how to pump. Now I just pump at work, and the Ameda Purely Yours is fine for that. I had the 27 mm flanges with the Medela, and they actually fit into the 25 mm Ameda flanges that came with the pump. I don't know if the flanges you have are different than the ones I have, but they may work.

    As for strength, I think most of the double electric pumps that are meant to be used by working moms are all about the same strength. I know people can respond differently to different pumps, though, so there's no guarantee. But I am quite happy with my Ameda PY.
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    I had the APY and it was sufficient for pumping at work.

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    I have the Hygeia and like it, but I was thinking about the ameda purely yours, and many many people like it!
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    I had an old Lansinoh, which was exactly like a PY and found it to be a nice pump.
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