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Thread: Human pacifier all night long

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    Wow thank you all so much! It is comforting knowing I'm not the only one.

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    Lol, oh no, you are not the only one. Mine is 18 mo and is just now starting to sleep better at night and not always have to nurse to sleep or stay latched. It's funny that now that he only wakes up maybe 2 times a night I feel as though I am getting SO much rest. I'm sure it will get better!
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    sign me up...my almost 15 month old is the same way. i work nights and on nights i am not home she sleeps 10+ hours in her crib for her daddy....but 5 minutes after i crawl into bed, she wants to nurse constantly.....she already had her molars and her i teeth...but she is just starting to walk on her own.
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    Lovin this support group! Lol
    My 13 month old is the same! Although, he's a little bit better at night about not staying latched on ALL night....i stiil cant really sneak away...he wakes up within 15-20 minutes. Naps..he's got me hostage...lol...he stays latched on the entire nap.

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    My DS did this too but somewhere around age 2 it passed and I still nursed him to sleep but then I could get up or lay him down and he would sleep for about 2 hours. I think they just go through those stages.

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    I am in the same boat! Just the other day though, I had a realization check. While being admitted to the ER the other night, I thought to myself what if the ER trip would resultin an into an over night stay at the hospital? My babie would have a terrible night without me and his milkie and What if something worse could have happened to
    Mommie? He would be traumatized without Mommie and his milkie !! So I decided to wean him and save him possible heartache later... Although, it has been challenging for babie and Mommie , we have survived the first 48 hours. Even though my babie has been unhappy with the decision, he
    still has Mommie right beside him holding him and whispering sweet things in his ear!!

    To all you Moms out there, don't give up! Let go when you are ready to let go, but by all means try to keep in mind the possibilities of trauma to your baby
    if something were to happen to you. God forbid!

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    What? Are you saying that you decided to wean your baby completely just because you MIGHT go to the hospital overnight? Do you mean night wean or wean completely?

    I figure that my baby can handle it for a night or two if I have an emergency and have to be away. What do you mean by let go when you are ready to let go, ca.sbabie?

    My baby would be pretty traumatized if something happened to me, with or without nursing. I don't nurse my 3.5 year old and she would be pretty heartbroken. I really don't understand what you are talking about?

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    I'm with tracie - if there were a tragedy or emergency and I wasn't around, my baby would have to go on without me. No need to sever any ties just in case, as practice, whatever - that just means doing it more than necessary! Same thing with giving bottles or formula - no need to do those just in case. If and when it ever becomes necessary, we would figure it out.
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    DS2 still nurses at night, and it is especially useful for teething times. I am in the military and have had to leave my little guy for 6 weeks right after he turned 2. But he still nurses! No need to wean just in case!

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    It looks like this thread could go off-track pretty easily... Please keep responses focused on the OP.

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