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    Any advice out there on getting a breastfed baby to sleep at night. Mine is 4.5 months old and is up about every 3.5-4 hours and will sometimes stay up 1-2 hours when he wakes at night. I nurse him and he will nurse 30-45 min. He is 20 lbs so he gets plenty of nutrition and probably partly b/c he is up so much all day. He only naps maybe twice a day for 30 minutes at the most. then is up about twice per night. Any advice? I am really getting tired...lol.

    My first child was like this too, so I am worried this is genetic. She did not sleep at night until about two years old. But I thought there may be some tricks you guys might know.

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    in my experience with my LO (now 10 months), and from what i've read from more experience mamas all over this board - your baby sounds absolutely typical. in fact, 4 hour stretches of sleep?! awesome. the staying up 1-2 hours at a time, not so awesome. he doesn't go straight back down from nursing?

    for me, co-sleeping has been a life saver, as i can nurse and sleep at the same time. my baby is still nursing every hour or two all night, sometimes with a longer stretch in the wee hours, but honestly i don't wake up enough to keep track most of the time.
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    The AAP defines "sleeping through the night" as a single stretch of 5 hours, and many babies do not do this until close to one year, or later. So I would say your baby sounds like a better sleeper than most.

    I don't know any tricks except to co-sleep if that is an option, to nurse baby to sleep side lying so you can rest/sleep at the same time, and to find times for you to catch up on sleep with naps, (even occasional ones) weekend lie-ins, going to bed earlier, that kind of thing.

    The No-Cry Sleep Solution is a book that is helpful for some moms, but I think most of her ideas would be more helpful for an older baby.

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