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Thread: Body adjusting to STTN

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    Default Body adjusting to STTN

    Good morning!

    DS has just started consistently sleeping through the night, and I was wondering if there are any general guidelines about how long it might take my body to adjust.

    I don't really mind being extra full in the morning because my pumping sessions at work are so much more productive. I've even considered getting up to nurse every other night or so, even if he doesn't need it, just to keep getting the extra milk in the morning!


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    Default Re: Body adjusting to STTN

    The are no general guidelines because the answer is so different for every mom. For me, it took just 2-3 nights to stop feeling extra-full/engorged in the morning. For some women it takes longer.

    If you're willing to keep getting up once a night to pump, I think you might be well rewarded!

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    Default Re: Body adjusting to STTN

    I'm willing now, but will I be willing at 2am??

    I already have a pretty sizable freezer stash so it's probably not that important -- but it just feels so nice to keep adding to it in case something happens!

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    Default Re: Body adjusting to STTN

    For me, sleep is more important than a freezer stash. You could try pumping right before you go to sleep--that way you add to your freezer stash but still get a nice chunk of sleep.
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    Default Re: Body adjusting to STTN

    This has never been an issue of mine. Just once, I would like to be the person worrying about engorgement or loss of supply because my baby started STTN on a regular basis. Even the silly definition of 5 hours in a row.

    Congratulations to you! I like scienceteachermommy's idea of pumping right before you go to bed if you feel like you must pump. Or just let go of it. You can always nurse/pump in the middle of the night later if it becomes a problem.

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    Default Re: Body adjusting to STTN

    When my girls started STTN, I got up to pump between 4-5am (they were sleeping until 6-7am). But sleep is much more important to me, so when I stopped that I was probably engorged/leaked overnight for up to a week and then it subsided. If you do want to pump overnight for any reason, you could get up 2-3 hours before baby usually feeds to pump. You will still have plenty of milk when you nurse.

    Strangely enough, my girls are almost 11months and I have leaked overnight 3 times in the past week and that is after 5 months of no leaking. But that is off-topic.
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