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Thread: Nipple goes almost flat during the feeding

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    Question Nipple goes almost flat during the feeding

    Sometimes when my 5 week old is nursing, she'll let go frequently b/c the nipple suddenly goes almost (but not completely) flat. Sometimes it goes almost-flat a few minutes into the feeding, sometimes it just stays almost-flat from the beginning of the feeding. It happens with only one side at a time, and I believe it has happened on both breasts. It started at about 4 weeks. She's having a really rough time nursing when this happens. It seems to be happening more frequently and it's making feedings very difficult.

    Any idea WHY it's going flat and what I can do about it (other than manual stimulation) One note--- I despise nipple shields and want to avoid one at all costs.


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    I've never experienced this before so I really don't know. But I had one thought. Maybe if you were a bit cold during a feeding, like take off your shirt while at home or put an ice pack down your back it would give you the chills enough to help your nipples protrude a bit more. No idea if that would work but it's a thought

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    I have read on a different thread (sorry can't find it again to refer you), but it may mean too shallow of a latch- if you're describing your nipple being still extended but squished flat like the tip of lipstick. Imexperiencing the same thing with my 17 day old DD.

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    I am trying to figure out what you mean-do you mean that the nipple is always a bit on the flat and/or flaccid side, and sometimes during nursing they elongate or become more erect or harder, but sometimes not? Or they start out more or less erect or hard but soften/flatten as baby nurses?

    Or do you mean that nipple becomes mishapen during nursing, say, creased, or like a new lipstick tip?

    Does nursing hurt? Do you have nipple pain during, after, and/or in between feedings? Any damage to your nipples?

    Are you on any medications that might effect your nervous system, like painkillers?

    How often does baby nurse? How many times a day and also about how frequently (if you know)

    Are you experiencing any engorgement?

    How has weight gain been and how much is baby pooping and peeing?

    Are you exclusively breastfeeding or sometimes giving bottles?

    Do you have a pump and if so, when you pump, what happens, nipple-wise?

    You mentioned manual stimulation-have you tried this and what happens?

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    I've diagnosed myself with shallow latch based on the pain and vasospasms I get after nursing, this exact thing happened to me yesterday when I was trying to latch her under a blanket. I couldn't see what I was doing so I couldn't practice my deep latch techniques. Half of my nipple went completely flat, normally it's super creased in the middle. You should respond. I'm curious to see what lllmeg's response is. I have an online formal question messaged but I'm searching the forums to see if it has been brought up before.

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