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Thread: He bit me!!!

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    Default He bit me!!!

    DS is 9.5 mos, I only made it 4 mos with my other son so this is uncharted territory for me. Braeden has 2 teeth and he's bit me a few times. He bit me so hard yesterday it made me cry. Full fledged, tears streaming down my face crying. I flicked his mouth, told him no, and put him down. He just looked at me and laughed. I don't know what to do at this point. It was in the afternoon that he did it and I didn't put him back to the boob at all yesterday. Last night before bed I gave him a bottle and he knew that something wasn't right, he had a hard time getting himself to sleep because momma usually nurses him, not gives him a bottle. I did nurse him during the night last night and again this morning and he was fine. The biting is really hit and miss, it's not every feeding or every day, but I definitely don't want to experience the pain like I did yesterday.
    Any suggestions!??!
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    Sorry you got chomped, mama! Here's what I think you should do: first, banish the bottle. You don't want baby to get the idea that it's okay if he fools around with nursing, because there's a bottle waiting for him, and he'll get fed regardless of how he behaves at the breast. Second, IMO you want to save "flicking" as a weapon of absolute last resort. It's hitting by another name, and even though your baby laughed the first time you did it he might not always think it's so funny, and making the breast a place where baby is afraid to get hurt is something that can result in a nursing strike. Third, you want to try to identify when baby is biting. Often bites come at the conclusion of a feeding, when baby is done eating and is just playing and sucking for fun and comfort. If you know when baby is likely to bite, you can be more prepared for it and may even be able to head off a bite before it happens. Fourth, if you get bitten, immediately say "Ouch! Hurts mama!" and put baby down on the floor and walk away. If he is still hungry, pick him up after a few minutes and nurse him again, no bottle! If he bites again, repeat as many times as necessary until he gets the idea that biting leads to the interruption/conclusion of the nursing session.

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