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Thread: 12 weeks...engorged on one side?

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    Default 12 weeks...engorged on one side?

    well, it's been going really well. and then yesterday my son nursed a ton. one side is the "leaky" side, the "fuller-feeling" side...and today it is the engorged side. i have been block feeding for a couple weeks now (same side for 2 hours, then next side 2 hours). i tried to stick with it today, but here it is 9:40pm and the right side is engorged. (hard as a rock!) i'm in a bit of pain, but nothing too bad. should i wait it out until he nurses next? or pump a bit? ugh!! ouch!
    thanks for the input!
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    Default Re: 12 weeks...engorged on one side?

    It's probably a little late for this now, but you can pump or preferbly hand express just enough to be comfortable unil the next feeding. If you can stand to wait until the next feeding it will send a clearer signal to your body, but don't allow yourself to suffer if it becomes painful. I needed to express a little bit here and there when I was block feeding due to the pain.
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    agree with PP. i had to hand express every so often to relieve the pressure .
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