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Thread: Stomach Flu & milk Producing Concerns

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    Unhappy Stomach Flu & milk Producing Concerns

    I came down with the stomach flu yesterday and my milk supply has dropped to about nothing. His morning the milk was there because I was even leaking a bit but since then nothing. I admit I didn't drink a whole lot of fluids yesterday because of how I felt, but today I'm trying to down as much water as I can. Is loss of milk normal? Will my milk return soon? I'm concerned so any info is greatly appreciated. I had to supplement with a bottle of formula today; which made me upset to tears.

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    Are you nursing exclusively, nursing and pumping, or just pumping? If you are nursing exclusively, all you need to do is to feed on demand and your baby will rapidly boost your supply back up to where it needs to be. If you are nursing and pumping, let the baby nurse as much as possible, and when you are separated from her, throw in some extra pumping sessions. If you are just pumping, pump very frequently until your supply once again matches your baby's needs.

    If you are exclusively nursing or nursing at home and pumping at work, there should be no need to supplement with formula. Your baby may be fussy because your milk supply isn't what he's used to, but if you just let him nurse he will get fed, and the frequent and intense nursing will rapidly get your supply back on track.

    Many moms mistake normal adjustments in supply for low supply. Most moms overproduce milk at first, but after a while your supply adjusts to meet demand very precisely, without a lot of milk left over. When that adjustment happens, and it can happen very rapidly when a mom is sick, it is normal to experience the following:
    - less or no leaking
    - reduced or absent letdown sensation
    - reduced pump output
    - no longer feeling "full" or engorged unless baby skips one or more feedings
    - baby may fuss at the breast because he misses the fast flow generated by oversupply
    - baby may require both breasts at a feeding whereas before he needed only one
    As long as diaper output remains normal, all of the above are normal and not a sign of low supply.

    Also, did you not nurse when you were ill? If not, and if you're ever in that situation again, there is no need to discontinue breastfeeding when you are sick. You will not make your baby sick by nursing her; on the contrary, your milk will be full of antibodies that will prevent her from becoming sick or lessen the severity of her illness if she does become ill. Also, skipping a day of nursing is a good way to end up with lowered supply, since supply = demand and your body interprets a day off from nursing as low demand. Even pumping for a day isn't a good substitute for nursing, since the pump is generally a lot less efficient than a baby at maintaining supply.

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    with pp. Supplementing with formula will only make things worse. The best way to boost your supply again is to nurse whenever lo wants to. And yes it is normal for your supply to drop while you are sick. Try eating some oatmeal as well.

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    with all above. Milk does not just dry up due to a temporary run of the mill illness. It takes quite a bit of work to dry up a normal milk supply, actually. If human breastmilk simply dried up overnight we never would have lasted as a species for thousands of years pre formula.
    Hope you feel better soon! That tummy bug is gruesome.

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