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Thread: suddenly not nursing well, now mastitis

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    Default suddenly not nursing well, now mastitis

    My 2 week old baby and I are having issues. We got off to a great start nursing and this is my 3rd baby so I know what I'm doing...but I've never dealt with this. I have had mastitis but not like this.

    Two nights ago she slept all night (11pm to 6 am) even though we cosleep. I didn't wake so I didn't feed her. She normally wakes 2-4 times at night to nurse. I woke up engorged and ever since then she is very sleepy, I have to wake her to nurse (last night I set an alarm clock or else she wasn't waking) and often have to change her diaper to wake her up, then she sucks a tiny bit, just enough to get the milk gonig, and then she stops and sleeps.

    She still seems to be getting a good number of wet and poopy diapers at this point. I had her weighed this past week and she had regained her birth weight plus a few ounces (she was 9 pounds at check up) at 11 days. She appears very healthy, no fever, no nothing. She was NOT sleepy at the beginning and we had an unmedicated relaxed birth although it was long and hard.

    Even just a bit ago I tried waking her, feeding her and she wouldn't take my breast and its hard and red and has a lump etc. I feel sick but not as bad as I have before with mastitis with my other kids.

    I don't have a breast pump; I've never used one ever.

    Any ideas what to do and why she is suddenly so sleepy and not nursing well and waking to feed? Its very strange since she was so alert until recently.
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    Default Re: suddenly not nursing well, now mastitis

    This happened with both my girls. As far as them being sleepy after being alert at the beginning. I also had to set alarms to wake them up to nurse. One trick I always did was to rub their feet. A2 was an unmedicated birth and she was still sleepy after the first couple of weeks. I would rub her feet or something even put a wet wipe on them to get her to wake up enough to keep nursing. I've never had mastitis even though I have OS. So I am not much help with that. Good luck!

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    Default Re: suddenly not nursing well, now mastitis

    I cannot tell you why this is happening, my guess it will likely be temporary. As long as baby is pooping and gaining it can seem like not a big deal but at this age I would be a bit concerned about baby going that long a stretch of time not nursing. Plus of course not great for you.

    Some ideas to try:
    Will baby nurse in sleep? Many will if put to the breast or roused even slightly. Worth a try. Leaning back nursing position can often help when trying to bring an asleep baby to the breast.

    If baby will not nurse more, hand express enough to avoid engorgement

    If hand expression does not work, buy an inexpensive pump and pump JUST to comfort as necessary. Since baby is gaining well your supply is likely fine and you don’t want to pump too much and cause oversupply.

    More ideas for waking a sleepy baby: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...py_newborn.pdf

    Hand expression: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...expression.pdf

    Mastitis: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...atcanyoudo.pdf

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    Default Re: suddenly not nursing well, now mastitis

    thank you for the info. Waking her and setting alarms seems to be working, and the mastitis is now resolved (on its own, thankfully) I did get a fever but it went down after about 24 hours.

    I still find it wierd that I have to wake her at night and during the day at times after her being so alert but hopefully this is temporary.
    Mommy to 3 beautiful girls!

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