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    When my little one (Tyler 3 weeks) is feeding, he sometimes pulls away and acts like he is not getting enough milk and will get cranky. Will this "compression" help him to latch on better and not get so cranky? Should I start offering a supplement?

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    Hi there
    I moved your post so your question could get the attention it deserved

    Can you give me some more information about your baby? When during the nursing session does he start to pull off? Some babies will do this because the let-down slows and it's not coming fast enough for their liking. Others will do this because the flow is too fast for them. Still others will do it because they need to be burped.

    I'd suggest you hold off on supplementing. That may actually make your problem worse. If you think that he's frustrated because the milk flow has slowed, then compressions may help.

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