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Thread: OALD, Baby nursing constantly!

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    Exclamation OALD, Baby nursing constantly!

    I spoke with a lactation specialist yesterday after a morning of my daughter (2 wks today) screaming & refusing to feed, though she was obviously hungry. Prior to yesterday I had noticed her having some difficulty first feed of the morning with the increased flow, but we would get through it & the rest of the day would go decently, with the exception of eating about every hour during the day & maybe every 2-2.5 at night. Yesterday I just could not get her to feed at that 8ish am feeding.

    After talking with the LS, she determined it was OALD & suggested pumping a bit off before nursing, different positioning (leaning back, LO sitting up, etc.), & block feeding. We did that, & it at least got her calmed a bit, then we had our normal fussy evening, then it was time to start trying to get her to bed. Normally at night my girl has eaten really quickly, to where I didn't think she could possibly be finished, but refuses any more, so I put her down & she sleeps through to next feeding (again, generally 2ish hrs later). Last night, I could not get her satisfied. She would feed for a while (not an insane amount, but longer than she had been), then pull off & act full, pudding her lips & refusing to feed anymore no matter how I tried to wake her up. So i put her back in her bassinet & a couple min later she is crying for food again; I feed her more & manage to get her to sleep for MAYBE an hour until she is up wanting to eat more. This happened every feeding last night (i think we might have gotten one or two times she went 2hrs between...).

    Morning rolls around & again we are having the screaming & refusing the breast, so I go downstairs to feed her while laying back on the couch. She is maybe just too worked up by this point, so I hold her for a bit & she sleeps for a while then we try again. I just cannot get her satisfied -- I have noticed, it seems, that after a while the flow starts to be too slow for her then she fusses to be held "normally" again, but she still pulls off after a time & pretends to be done for just a few min before wanting more. Putting her down just makes her cry, so she's been in my arms all yesterday & today. I tried to give her a bottle of breastmilk earlier to see if that could get her happy. She did drink most of it (only a few min after nursing), then started screaming & flailing like she does on the breast. I'm at my wit's end -- we are both sleep deprived. What else can I try?

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    Welcome and congratulations on the new baby! Can you walk us through the symptoms that got the LC convinced that OALD is the problem? It seems like there are multiple possibilities that could explain the behavior you're seeing, including:
    - growth spurt
    - OALD/OS
    - baby wants a faster flow
    - baby wants a slower flow
    - normal inexplicable baby fussiness
    - baby needs to poop/pee/pass gas
    - baby wants to suck but not to eat
    - baby is tired
    - reflux
    ... And the list goes on!

    The one thing I noticed is that after nursing you put baby back in her bassinet, at which time she woke up, and that baby is really happiest in your arms. That's pretty common for young babies. A wise mom here put it this way: your baby doesn't know that it's the 21st century, or that you're not living in a cave, and she instinctively knows that if you put her down some hungry predator might come along and eat her. So she feels safest and happiest in your arms. It may help to ditch the bassinet for now and consider wearing baby in a sling during the day and sleeping with her at night. Here's my favorite article on how to co-sleep safely:http://babyparenting.about.com/od/sl.../a/cosleep.htm

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