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Thread: Lopsided Breasts

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    Red face Lopsided Breasts

    I have a 7wk old. things have over all finally settled down with nursing.(had let down, engorgent, tolerance issues at the beginning) I feel that she and I got it!
    I had/have a mild concern with production.
    My left breast does not "get as full" as my right. When I pump, I am only able to get about 3oz out of the left and 6-7 out of the right. I have also noticed some decrease on the left side, 1-2oz the last few days.
    Is this loppsidedness normal?
    Is there anything I can do to "even" them out?
    Is it possible to stop producing on one side?

    thank you!

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    It's totally normal. If you try to nurse more on the smaller side it supposedly helps even them out. That said, I'm pretty lopsided even doing so. If you keep using both sides you will keep producing on both sides. But in some cultures women nurse one-sided. (But it's good to have a backup, I think.)


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    with the PP. In addition, getting 9-10 oz out when you pump puts you in the oversupply realm. This link covers normal output: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/p...se.html#normal

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