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Thread: Mastitis and Abscess

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    I want to invite anyone dealing with mastitis or an abscess to a facebook group that provides support, answers questions and encourages continuance of breastfeeding if that’s what you strive to do. We have lived through the mastitis and then the abscess that had to be drained, aspirated, cut open and etc. Search moms with mastitis on facebook for full support and encouragement that every woman deserves.

    I could not have gotten through my abscess drama without these ladies I met in a regular breastfeeding group. They encouraged me to keep going and that my pain was only temporary but keeping my milk would help my sweet baby for years. If you are looking for advice, stories and help with dealing with your mastitis and/or abscess “drama,” please join. I want to give back to women that need the help as I did.

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    What is the group called or do you have the link

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