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Thread: Day weaned a month ago, when can I expect AF?

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    Default Day weaned a month ago, when can I expect AF?

    I day weaned my 19 m.o. a month ago. LO took to it really well as it was mostly led by him. I was doing "don't offer, don't refuse" for a while before that and then distracting him if he wanted it. That was a month ago. We still nurse in the middle of the night once (between 2 and 4) b/c that is really the hardest to distract him from. We also got sick a few weeks ago and I nursed him as much as he wanted for about 4 days. So...just wondering when I could expect the old period to return. I haven't had one in almost 2.5 yrs.! and we're ready for another baby. I'm trying to be patient, but wondering if the day weaning is moot and I really need to get into the night weaning. I am going to try tonight (seriously!) to not nurse when he wakes up. It will be hard, but I'm not even really producing milk so there's not much to it anymore as far as passing along antibodies, etc. It's also starting to feel uncomfortable b/c I'm becoming sensitive from lack of nursing all day and his latch is getting weird.
    Thanks ladies for all your expertise!

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    Default Re: Day weaned a month ago, when can I expect AF?

    Most moms do it the other way and night wean first to try to bring on fertility. Prolactin is highest at night and suppresses ovulation. If that doesn't work, most then start dropping nursings during the day.

    When it comes back is very individual. I've had it come back at 12-15 months,and I have one baby where I ovulated and never had a period. I've been wondering when it will come bak this time, as it's been a year almost since I stopped pumping at night, and I've only been pumping 2x a day for over a month Yet other moms do nothing and t comes back within weeks or months

    Check out the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility and another book, probably out of print, called Your Fertility Signals.
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    Default Re: Day weaned a month ago, when can I expect AF?

    This really seems to vary from woman to woman. I day weaned in the sense of not pumping at work when Joe was 12 months old, and I got AF back at 15.5 months, but I was still nursing in the mornings, evenings, and all day on weekends. It might have come back around then anyway, regardless of pump weaning, yk? It's so hard to say! If you check out those books Susan mentions, they can help you see if you have any symptoms of fertility starting to return, which would suggest that AF was close behind.

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    Default Re: Day weaned a month ago, when can I expect AF?

    This is really not fair. With my first AF returned after 6 months even though we nursed strong until 13 months and with A2 it came back after 2 months!!! And she is still EBF on demand and all night long (still every 1.5 to 2 hours) So not fair haha.

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    Default Re: Day weaned a month ago, when can I expect AF?

    I know I'm doing it the opposite of conventional wisdom ;-) but LO is NOT ready to drop that night feeding. In fact, the last 2 days I've had to go back to nursing to sleep and twice at night (at 2 a.m. and 4) so I don't know what's going on! DST seems to have kicked his a@@ ?! I tried not giving him boobie last night and we were up for 3 hrs. before I gave in. Thank you for the book suggestions. TCOYF is one that comes up often, so maybe I'll see if I can get a used copy from someone.

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