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Thread: Nighttime nursing position

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    Default Nighttime nursing position

    I have yet to master side-lying. I had been nursing at night in a cross-cradle, but once the baby is latched I wind up sliding down until I'm almost flat on my back and the baby is lying on top of me across my body. He is facing almost directly down into my breast.

    This feels comfortable for me, and he nurses just fine. My concern is that I read that this position can lead to blocked ducts or mastitis. I had a blocked duct, a nipple bleb, and mastitis at 4 weeks, although nothing since.

    Any thoughts on that?

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    Default Re: Nighttime nursing position

    i only started this position with my 9 month old recently, but it has worked really well for us. it will often get him to sleep another hour in the morning. i've never had blocked ducts or mastitis, though.
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    I replied to your other thread and noticed that you seem to have a very large milk supply. If so, the nursing position you're using is a terrific way to slow the flow to baby, making it easier for him to nurse. It could also explain your bout with plugs and mastitis- moms with high supply are more prone to both those things. You probably started out with an even bigger supply than you have now, so that may explain why you ended up with a plug and mastitis in the first 4 weeks.

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