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Thread: Breastfeeding laying down??

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    My 4 week DD and I figured it out the first night home from the hospital. I did have to help her with the latch and still do most of the time. If she's nursing on my left side I lay down then prop myself up on my left elbow, I use my right hand to lift her up slightly supporting her head and latch her on. I think sometimes I use the supporting arm's left hand to help out. I do need light to see when she opens wide so we have a night light on all night (I also needed more light in the beginning so I had a small flashlight nearby). After she's latched I slowly lay her down with me then make sure her nose isn't pressed into my boob.

    I made learning this a priority sense it was so wonderful once I figured it out with my son at 8 weeks. I'm small chested so maybe that helps with the technique I use to latch her on.
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    Thank you all, still trying to get it down...will keep you updated.

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    It didn't work with my little one until she was about 10 weeks old -- and up until it finally worked, I couldn't imagine that it ever would. For us, the key was her being able to latch on by herself while we were sitting up. As soon as she had that, we were finally able to nurse while lying down. It's definitely been a game changer for our nighttime feeds -- so much easier! Baby loves it too! She's very relaxed and falls asleep easily. Keep trying, you'll (most likely) be surprised one day!
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    I started nursing while laying on my side in the hospital actually because my back and bottom hurt too much to sit up feed him. He's 8 weeks old now and we do a lot of laying on the couch nursing while I watch a movie or read. Sometimes if he's too fussy at night I bring him to bed with me, but be careful your little one doesn't stay latched on all night. I have to actively take the nipple out of my son's mouth or he will keep suckling all night and wake up with a sore stomach and spit up a ton.

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    Thanks so much everyone! Your advice is appreciated and I will keep you up to date on progress. Thanks again! <3

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