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    I am breastfeeding my son and i have an oversupply problem. I drown the poor thing everytime he eats. He fusses when i try to put him on the breast, pulling back and pushing my breast away. He tries a few times before finally latching on and then he is an agressive sucker (OUCH). I have switched to block feeding, one breast per feeding and pumping a little out of the other to relieve pressure. My question is do i keep the milk?? I know its all going to be foremilk so will it be ok without any hindmilk in it, or should i pump the breast he was on when he gets finished a little to get some hindmilk to mix. I dont want to stimulate my breasts to make more than i am....My nipples are so sore from LO sucking so agressively and pinching from trying to keep from drowning. I pull him off when he gets to gulping and catch excess in a towel. Any suggestions would be helpful and wondering about the milk. TIA!!!

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    If you are sore, watch the latch. Increas your blocks, and I would stop pumping even that little bit. Sounds awful, but pumping at all won't help. Instead, try hand expression if you really need to relieve the pressure.

    But to answer your question, just save it in the freezer. You can use it to mix with food later, or use in a sippy cup for practice.
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