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Thread: No Supply?

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    Default No Supply?

    We reached 6 months now, and now when baby jr nurses I don't feel as strong of a letdown and he cries after 2 minutes of nursing. did my supply lower? I usually switch sides when he starts to cry and it will help, but then within the hour he wants to nurse again. i havent changed anything, i dont know whats wrong...

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    As long as you are:
    1. Feeding on demand
    2. Not pregnant or taking a new form of hormonal contraception
    3. Seeing sufficient wet diapers
    Then you do not have a supply problem.

    Babies fuss and increase their nursing frequency for all sorts of reasons. Teething, missing mama, growth spurts, desire to increase your milk supply, preferring a faster flow, preferring a slower flow, ear infections... The list goes on. Best thing you can do is get used to the new normal, nurse as much as possible, and if the fussiness doesn't go away or intensifies, consider the possibility that your baby isn't feeling well and take him in to the doc.

    The following are normal with an older baby, and are not a sign of low supply:
    -leaking less or not at all
    -decreased pump output, if mom is pumping in addition to nursing
    -decreased/absent engorgement or feelings of fullness
    -decreased/absent letdown sensation
    -fast feedings
    -baby dropping percentiles on the weight-for-age chart (breastfed babies tend to gain weight quickly as newborns and then lean out as they become more active and start putting their calories into action instead of fat).

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    Default Re: No Supply?

    with mommal

    I know for me personally I felt my letdown less as my DS got older.
    There were periods when he ate more often and fussed more but they generally passed with a bit of time.
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