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Thread: Large Nipples :(

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    I'm breastfeeding my second child, now three weeks old, and the past few days she is having a problem with her latch. I have really large and long nipples which does not allow her to take in any of the areola. She has been really fussy, and gassy. I think she is getting too much air from trying to get the milk from my breast. I also took her to the doctor yesterday, and she has only gained 3 ounces in a little over a week. I have been pumping after I nurse her, and have been getting more when I pump which leads me to believe that she is not getting the milk when she is nursing. The doctor suggests pumping and giving her a bottle, but I'm not ready to give up nursing altogether. Does anyone have any suggestions??

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    Is she having enough wet and poopy diapers? Was she weighed on the same scale, was it calabrated correctly?

    Many people for thousands of years have all different sizes of nipples yet babies survived with out a bottle...or we wouldn't be here today to have big nipples (they would of phazed out as that gene of people would of died from lack of breastmilk/being fed!). As long as it doesn't hurt you to nurse then she is getting enough of it in....I personally don't think my children have ever had much if any of my areola either, my nipples are pretty large. But, it doesn't hurt me and they gain fine....I would not give a bottle unless for sure she is not gaining enough (again I would question the scale!) and/or not enough wet/poopy diapers.

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    Default Re: Large Nipples :(

    Was she latching Ok before?
    How are her wets and poops if you don't do bottles?
    Was she weighed on the same scale, wearing the same clothes and a dry diaper (or naked)?

    Exclusively pumping is much, much harder than breastfeeding directly, so do anything you have to do to keep nursing.

    Your insurance company is required by law to pay for lactation services, so it might be...no, would be...a great idea to have some hands on help from an IBCLC.
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    Default Re: Large Nipples :(

    with the PPs. I strongly suggest seeing an IBCLC for some hands-on help! A good LC can help you figure out if there really is a problem and not just a fussy baby and a poorly calibrated scale, and if there is a problem she can help you correct it.

    And do continue to nurse your baby, even if you must supplement (which you might want to do at the breast, using a supplemental nursing system or Lact-aid). If your baby really is having trouble getting a deep latch and transferring milk because you have mile-long nipples, that problem will almost assuredly go away with time as the baby's mouth grows. And as long as she still knows how to latch on and suck, she'll be able to transition to nursing with no supplementing. But if you take her completely off the breast, there's a very good chance that she will forget how to nurse, and you'll be stuck pumping (which as the PP said is a zillion times harder than nursing).

    Can you tell us how nursing feels? Are you in pain when you nurse? Does your nipple come out of baby's mouth looking symmetrical/cylindrical, like a pencil eraser, or asymmetrical/creased/wedged, like a new lipstick? How often does baby nurse, and is she jaundiced or sleepy at the breast?

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