The current pattern seems to every 5 days DS will start to get gassy and uncomfortable so it's easier to get him to poop. In order to get things moving, about every 5 days I would use a q-tip with vaseline and insert only the tip; that would usually get things going, though very dense. This past Friday was the last time I did it as I've decided not to do it anymore so that his body would prompt him to go, not me. He's been pooping a little here and there since then so I'm hoping that's progress. I'm going to simplify things by sticking to peas and pears, maybe a little prune juice as needed. I'm not sure if I should continue with oatmeal. I've been mixing it with EBM and a little flax. I'm going to also schedule a weight check at the suggestion of my pediatrician at DS's last appointment.. we can discuss poop then.