Hi. I thought I'd give an update on my attempts to deal with overactive letdown and ask a few nagging questions. Thanks so much to Rebecca (aka Quakermomma) for her helpful analysis and advice! (you can take a look at my previous post for the whole story). So, I've been trying block feeding my 11-week old son for the most part, going 3-4 hours on one breast and then switching. I was definitely seeing results -- poops were mostly yellow-brown, with less fussing. But I was still getting at least one greenish poop a day, mostly in the evening.

Then today I had almost all greenish poops (well, greenish-yellow, but definitely green tinted). At the same time, my son seems to have had a hard time feeling satisfied all day, tugging at my breast when the fast flow slows down and sometimes stopping feeding, only to want to feed again sometime soon. (He's not always frustrated when he stops -- he's in a very smiley stage, so sometimes he stops and just smiles and wants to have a conversation for a while, but then doesn't seem satisfied if I stop the nursing session and remains restless and rooting for food).

So here are some of my questions:

1. When you block feed for, say, four hours, does this mean that you just feed on one breast during that time and then start the other breast at, after, say, 6 hours, or actually 8 hours, assuming two hours between feedings (with two hours on either end of the block)? That gives the un-nursed breast a lot of time to engorge -- which happened the first few days. Now the second breast seems to have less milk when I finally switch, and he doesn't seem satisfied. Hmm, I just reread that and realize it's very confusing. I'd appreciate it if someone could explain exactly how you time the blocks and what this means for the unnursed breast.

2. One strategy I tried was just to nurse twice on each breast and then switch to the other. Is this an effective blocking strategy?

3. Why am I still getting greenish poops? And why especially at night? Can someone tell me how long it takes to go from breast to poop? I'd like to be able to tie a given pooping episode to a feeding block. For example, is a green poop at night linked to an engorged breast in the morning, when he might get a big dose of foremilk?

4. One thing that may have contributed is the fact that we traveled to see family last weekend and I also took my son to a faculty meeting on Wed, in which I breastfed. In both cases I was BIPing on the go, and didn't have time to have him nurse or fuss on a slow-flowing breast for a long period, so I switched breasts more quickly, just so he would be satisfied more quickly. Could this be a source of the return of the green poops?

Okay, that's a lot of questions. I'd appreciate anyone's insights or experiences. It seems like a lot of people are dealing with OALD, something I didn't know existed before. Oh, about the clicking noises -- he is still making them when my milk first lets down, then stops as the milk slows, and sometimes resumes briefly for the second or third letdown. It has stopped bothering me, in fact I see it as a signal of what is happening with my milkflow. I can't feel the letdown in the nursing breast, but I now always feel it as a strong tingling in my non-nursing breast, always followed by a pickup in his sucking and swallowing. I feeling like I'm getting more and more attuned to the subleties of how this works, but there is still so much that is puzzling!