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    Hello All, my son is 9 months old and I am reluctantly looking for a job and planning to re-enter the work force. Khalil has been breastfed since birth and while he showed some initial interest in solid foods at 5 months, he shows very little interest now. The issue is that he will not drink from a bottle and has refused breast milk in his ssippi cup. That combined with the fact that he won't eat solid foods, has me worried and sad about what things will look like when I get a job. Please advise? Thank you, Dara

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    Nine months of breastfeeding! Yeah I am sorry that you have to look for a job but you should rejoice in being home with ds for 9 months, great job! Is there anyway that you could nurse him in the am and then have someone bring him to you at lunch or could you go to him and nurse him then, and then also nurse him in the evening and through the night? Do you have any milk stored? You never know he may decide to take some ebm when you are not around?

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