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Thread: Baby not eating when breastfeed

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    Thanks a lot for your answer it gave me a lot of peace of mind knowing that all these is normal. I think we are doing better with nursing. During the day she is ok, sometimes she eats and is awake or sleeps for 2 3 hours, the problem is in the evening, around 7 se nurses a lot, and seems to be always hungry, i dont know if it is normal or if it is just acumulated hunger from the day. Yesterday, after nursing from 7 to 11 every 10 minutes, i tried to express milk but didnt get much, finally i gave her some formula and she slept until 6 this morning. I want to stop the night bottle (it was the only one during the day)
    She can now eat more each time according to the scale, my left nipple just began tu hurt yesterday, after nursing it seem white and hard. But during nursing it doesnt hurt at all. I think i need to relax more and trust my body.

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    It is normal for a baby to be fussy and many baby's tend to get fussy/clingy/wanting to nurse alot in the evenings. This is also the time a mom may tend to have the lowest supply of the day.

    Don’t let your confidence get undermined! It does not matter if you have a lower output part of the day (normal) or baby wants to nurse more frequently part of the day (also normal) What matters, when concerned about supply, is that baby gets enough milk OVERALL, which you can tell by overall weight gain and output.

    Also a baby will guzzle a bottle and conk out. This will happen even with happy, very well fed babies. Many moms assume this means baby was hungry before and needed the 'extra" feeding but this is NOT the case. (Unless baby really is not getting enough overall, which you tell from weight gain and output.) Especially if it is formula the stress of digesting it can put baby to sleep for hours. Ever heard of an adult saying they ate so much they are now in a “food coma?” It’s kind of like that. Not the healthiest way to eat. Remember babies have tiny tummies and the biological norm is for them to eat many small meals frequently throughout the day AND night.

    after nursing it seem white and hard.
    That sounds like vasospasm. Apply heat after nursing and keep an eye on it, it could indicate a not great latch. For more: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/moth...ple-blanching/

    I think i need to relax more and trust my body.
    yes, this is key. Trust your body, your instincts, and your baby! And yes, it is also hard to do and many moms struggle with this.

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    Good day! I just wanted to thank you for all your support and good advice. Things are going better now, still have lots to learn and not all days go great, but thanks to this forum and your quick replies I didnt give up, kept the milk supply and I am happy trying to get better at nursing. Thanks

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