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Thread: Healing Cracks - Are they healing?

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    Hi! I have been EBF our 3rd child who is 3.5 weeks. We started off okay, but by day two in the hospital my nipples were already cracked and bleeding. I had cracked nipples with my first two, and I know it gets better so we kept at it. Once my milk came in though, things got worse because I was engorged and there was not much to latch onto. Her latch became TERRBILE and the cracks ended up getting worse.

    Okay, so fast forward about 10 days postpartum - after seeing a lactation consultant several times, we determined that she had a very shallow latch and was very resistant to opening her mouth wide enough. After about a week of me holding her chin down during feedings and working on getting her to open wider, her latch has improved drastically and I think I'm starting to heal, but the cracks are still there. They are no longer bleeding, just THERE. Especially right when she pulls off - they look like little craters. I'm using APNO and Bactroban that my doctor prescribed to ward off infection and staying braless as much as possible.

    I guess I'm just wondering how long I should reasonably expect it to take for them to look normal again? I feel like we've improved her latch, although she's very tiny and I still have to be very dilligent about correcting her if she tries to just latch on to my nipple. Nursing is not so horrifically painful anymore, but I am still really sore. Does it sound like we're on the road to recovery? Anyone else go through the same thing?

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    It sounds like it will get better. I think one mom here said her cracks took sme weeks to entirely go away after fixing baby's latch.
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    It sounds like you are are the road to nursing pain-free. When you have really deep cracks it takes time for the wounds to heal completely. Every time you nurse the baby opens the wound up again and that makes the healing process take longer. But healing does happen, I promise! You won't be cracked forever.

    As to how long you can expect this process to take... It's really hard to say, because it's so individual. Some moms see complete healing in just a couple of weeks. Others have to wait longer, sometimes much longer. I think I had about the worst possible experience, with cracks which persisted for about 4.5 months. But after being on this forum for almost 6 years, I think I can safely say that my experience is far from typical, and that MOST moms will see improvement in a timespan that can be measured in weeks. Particularly if they feel like they have mostly fixed the latch issue already.

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