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Thread: Quick survey: How many feedings @ night?

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    Default Quick survey: How many feedings @ night?

    Just wondering how many times y'all feed your babies at night. Please post age and weight if possible as well... Just trying to gauge what's normal.

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    Default Re: Quick survey: How many feedings @ ni

    9 month old, 2x a night, 20 lbs, 10 oz.

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    Default Re: Quick survey: How many feedings @ ni

    At 13.5 months he wakes up 2-3 times a night still.
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    Red face Re: Quick survey: How many feedings @ ni

    I have learned that nothing is "normal" when it comes to babies sleep habits. To start with, my Lo would mostly STTT. She weighed 8lb 11 oz at birth. I was so excited......but it didn't take long for that to change.. From there is has just gone crazy. Some nights she wakes up 2-3 times, occasionally not at all. She is 15 weeks old now and weighs around 17lbs. Best advice I can give you is to co-sleep. If it were not for that I would be exhausted! She is in the bed with me. I just let her nurse to sleep. I don't move her....not even to burp. Most of the time I fall asleep before she is finished.
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    Default Re: Quick survey: How many feedings @ ni

    18 months and just dropped down to 1-2 from 3-4 in the past month. AND twice in the past week slept 11 hours straight! He's about to get his canines though so I don't expect it to last.
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    Default Re: Quick survey: How many feedings @ ni

    When Joe was about 10 months old, he would feed 8-12X per night, MINIMUM. That was really rough. He kept up with more than 6X until he was about 20 months old, then it quickly went down to only 1-2X per night (but he would still wake at other times, just not to nurse). Now he's weaned, but he still wakes up at night and needs snuggles. Every child is different.

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    Default Re: Quick survey: How many feedings @ ni

    13 months old, bottlefed, and he wakes about 6-9 times a night. 22 lbs.

    My third woke at least 9 times a night for over a year and still wakes once.

    My second was STTN by 12 months

    My first...we forced him by night weaning with DH's help.
    Mama to my all-natural boys: Ian, 9-4-04, 11.5 lbs; Colton, 11-7-06, 9 lbs, in the water; Logan, 12-8-08, 9 lbs; Gavin, 1-18-11, 9 lbs; and an angel 1-15-06
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    Default Re: Quick survey: How many feedings @ ni

    My previous son fed every 2 hour, did not STTN until 21 months. My current baby is 12 weeks feeds every 3-4 hours and wt is 14 LB. So every child is different
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    Default Re: Quick survey: How many feedings @ ni

    She is 4 months actual/3 adjusted. 12.5 pounds. Usually 3-4 times, though last night she went 11 hours. (!!)
    of course, I still woke up 3 times to make sure she was breathing. Motherhood is wild.
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    Default Re: Quick survey: How many feedings @ ni

    23 months, around 25 lbs (IDK for sure since she hasn't been in for a checkup since 18 months), nurses 2x per night unless she is in bed with me, in which case it's more like 4-5 times a night.
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