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    I nursed my daughter from birth until she was about a month old. I want to start again. (She is now almost three months) She has horrible reflux! I feel so bad for stopping. I started pumping every hour/2 hours. I am taking fenugreek three times a day. What else can I do. I am only getting a few drops every time I pump. Will it ever come back? Has anyone else been through this and have any advice?

    Thank you!!

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    When I was looking into relactation for my oldest daughter, I read that there is a correlation between how long it has been since you last nursed and how long it takes to relactate - ie if it has been 2 months since you nursed, it will take AROUND 2 months for the milk supply to come back; but obviously it will vary from woman to woman/how much work you put into relactating.

    I'm currently working on relactating for my youngest daughter, it has been around 4-5 weeks since I last nursed/pumped and within the past 2-3 days I've seen a small increase in the amount I am getting/my breasts have started getting sore and bigger again. I'm still only getting a little bit of milk, but it's a start! Just remember that every little bit of breastmilk you get into your daughter is good for her!!

    Will your daughter still latch? I was pumping and not seeing any results, but as soon as I started putting my DD to the breast again (I was surprised she could still latch and will stay for a while) AND pumping, that's when I started noticing a slight increase and my boobs changing. Also keep your DD close to you; I just bought a ring sling baby carrier so I can wear my DD around the house and still get stuff done/tend to my toddler Skin to skin is great for getting the milk flowing again!
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    Try nursing baby again, using an SNS to give her regular meals.
    Rent a hospital grade pump and pump, making sure your horns are the right size.
    Take fenugreek, blessed thistle, and other herbs
    Eat oatmeal
    Look into medications such as Reglan and domperidone

    Check into the book Making More Milk

    It can be done. Best and easiest to do via baby though
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