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Thread: Can you over feed when EBF???

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    Default Can you over feed when EBF???

    I was wondering if you can over feed a breastfed baby? My daughter is at 75% on the growth chart, and I was just wondering if it's possible to over feed....?
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    Default Re: Can you over feed when EBF???

    Nope, you can't overfeed a breastfed baby because you're not in charge of the feeding, the baby is. When she is hungry, she will suck eagerly, generating a rapid flow of milk. When she gets full, her sucking will slow, at which point milk flow will dpslow down to a trickle or stop completely. And when she is really absolutely done, she will turn her head away and refuse to latch. This is different from what happens with a bottle, where the adult can keep tipping the bottle up or slipping it back into baby's mouth, encouraging the baby to take a bit more. Also, bottles aren't as sensitive as the breast- they generate the same rapid flow of fluid regardless of whether the baby is sucking eagerly for food, or lazily for comfort.

    There's nothing wrong with being a larger baby, just as there's nothg wrong with being a smaller baby. Healthy kid's come in all shapes and sizes. One thing that many new parents don't realize is that the rate of weight gain changes over time. Breastfed babies often gain weight very swiftly during their first few months, and then slow way down as they get into the second half of the first year and begin burning up a lot of calories on things like reach, rolling, sitting, crawling, etc. Many babies drop down some percentiles after around 4-6 months- for example, my girls both shot up to the 95-99th percentiles for weight between birth and 4 months, and then dropped down to the 75-80th for weight in the 6-12 month period.

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    Default Re: Can you over feed when EBF???

    Agree with PP -- mine started out in 70th percentile, then over the first few months eased down into the 30th or 40th percentile. And he nursed ALL THE TIME. lol.
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    Default Re: Can you over feed when EBF???

    Mine have always hung out in the over 90% and above, but since DD is now a 5'3" 10 year old, I think it is genetic.
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    Default Re: Can you over feed when EBF???

    Nope. Mine were all 95th plus, but one breastfed baby fell off the chart at 9 months, and all are 50th or less now.

    Even the bottlefed one fell off the charts. Genetics has a big role if you use a bottle correctly, and even bigger if you breastfeed, I think
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    Default Re: Can you over feed when EBF???

    I think some babies will take in more if the mother has OS (like me) and like to comfort nurse. But they won't ever eat more than they really need. Not like with bottles. A2 got soooooooooo fat from about 2-4 months old. She wanted to nurse constantly and I was also combating a bad OS and she just blew up like a balloon several people said I was overfeeding her. Of course it was her choice on how much she nursed. But my OS didn't help much because she wanted to keep nursing even though sometimes I could tell she was getting full she kept on sucking so that may have had a bit to do with that. But no, you don't need to limit feedings or anything like that at all.

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