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Thread: Mucousy poops from dairy or teething?

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    Default Mucousy poops from dairy or teething?

    Sorry in advance for starting another thread about poop I thought about tacking this on to the other one but I wasn't sure it would get noticed & I'm really curious about other mamas' experience with this...

    DD has (or had) a dairy sensitivity which we found when she was about 10 weeks old. We discovered it b/c she had mucousy poops with spots of blood in them. Also she was VERY fussy, crying/screaming like she was in pain every night. I have been off all "obvious" dairy for about 6 months & hidden dairy for about 5 months. I've been really diligent about it & it's been quite awhile since she reacted to something I ate. I had a feeling that she may have outgrown the sensitivity (pretty sure I accidentally ate a meal w/cheese in it at a restaurant & no reaction at all) so I experimented & ate a cupcake last Sunday (which I assume had some hidden dairy in it). No obvious reaction from that (it didn't make her fussy or seem to hurt her tummy).

    As I said in the other thread, she's been pooping a ton the last week or so, very rashy bottom. Poos have been much looser than they were, even with solids 2X per day. Some look more like regular poops (more solid, peanut butter-y) & others are green, slimy & runny with obvious mucous. I guess this is diarrhea? She is DEFINITELY teething - TONS of drool, everything in the mouth, etc. Her top gums are just bulging with teeth trying to break out - she cut her center bottom ones about 2 mos ago and has been working on these for a month or so. Poor baby

    So my question is: in your experience, could these mucousy poops just be from teething or is it more likely from the hidden dairy? She didn't act at all like her belly was hurting after the cupcake, but I noticed the mucous on Wednesday (about 4 days after I ate it)...would it take that long for the dairy to bother her GI? I'm hesitant to try more dairy b/c I don't want to give her a belly ache on top of the teething, but maybe I should try something more "obvious" and see what happens? I just really miss cheese & greek yogurt & was kind of excited when I thought I might be able to eat them again! Lol...

    Thanks mamas!
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    Default Re: Mucousy poops from dairy or teething

    I think I'd blame the teething first, because you KNOW for sure that she's teething. Maybe give it a few weeks and see if it resolves after the teeth pop through?

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