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Thread: Failure To Thrive

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    I know her weight is not good at this age. She has only gained 2lbs 2oz in 4 months. 8lbs at 8 months is a huge cause for concern. Were your children sick? The concern is for her brain since there is such rapid brain growth in the first few months. Nursing and weighing anywhere but home does not work. DD is too easily distracted and is a homebody. She does not eat well in unfamiliar places. She will not get formula. I live in an impoverished area and I'm sure he has seen instances where the baby wasn't getting fed enough. He has covered his bases and was very nice and played with Abbie at the last visit while trying to figure out what pedi gi takes her insurance.

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    I agree with you, a gain of 2 lbs in 4 months this early on is hugely concerning for the reasons you mentioned. That's an average of less than 2 oz a week.

    However, you're doing all the right things mama, by working with the docs. And also keeping your principles about what you know is best for your daughter. Praying all this is resolved quickly.
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