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Thread: Stop playing with my nipples!!!

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    Default Stop playing with my nipples!!!

    Has anyone ever successfully and permanently stopped her toddler from playing with her nipples?

    With DD I foolishly just let her do it. With DS, I was determined to never let him start. That actually worked for a long time. But ... one night he was sick and I thought I would let him "just this once" if it would make him feel better and help him sleep. How could I have been so dumb??

    Now we fight over my nipples all.the.time.

    So, wise women of the LLL, please tell me how to fix this. He is 2.5 years old and, YES, I have tried talking with him!

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    Default Re: Stop playing with my nipples!!!

    My DS will be 3 in two weeks and he still does it. Every time he nurses. So I guess I don't have any helpful advice, other than "you're definitely not alone." It's a universal thing for babies/toddlers...some just do it longer than others.
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    Default Re: Stop playing with my nipples!!!

    I bumped the "Twiddling" thread... not many tips, but lots of laughs and commiseration.

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    Default Re: Stop playing with my nipples!!!

    Not a fun fight! I had to get my dD to stop around that age because it bugged the heck out of me during certain times in the month. I would constantly re-direct her hand and keep the other one covered at all costs. She was not happy about it, but if she wanted to nurse then she would just have to deal with it.
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    Default Re: Stop playing with my nipples!!!

    I thought this was just me!! My son will not STAND for the other side to be covered... I didn't know what that was but I hoped it was normal
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