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Thread: HELP! is it too late to breastfeed?

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    Oh, I see you live in NY. May I ask what part? You don't need to be specific, just a county. I am also from NY and can possibly recommend an LC.
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    Your insurance company is required by law to pay for lactation services and support and supplies.

    Nursing is WAY easier than pumping, so I would work on putting baby to the breast as much as possible. Pump every 2 hours around the clock, for a total of 120 minutes in 24 hours, but it can take a week or more to see your supply increase via pumping alone. Breastfeeding is way better for your supply than pumping.
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    with Susan. Always try getting baby to breast first and pumping second. Also try eating oatmeal everyday. That can help a bit too.

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