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    Has anyone tried to use fenugreek or any natural supplements with success? I was thinking of trying nursing blend. Is there any reason why I shouldn't take these? Eg. sore nipples.

    Thanks mommies!

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    Tell us a little more why you want to take them. What makes you think you either need to boost your supply or need better quality milk?

    Here's some great factual links based for you to explore: http://kellymom.com/nutrition/mom/mom-diet.html

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    Before you take supplements, it makes sense to talk about why you think you may need them. A lot of moms get tricked into thinking they have low supply when they actually are doing great.

    The vitamin you linked to looks like it's nothing more than your average prenatal vitamin, with a fancy name. A nursing mom should take a prenatal vitamin, but she shouldn't pay extra for a label. Fenugreek is definitely worth a try, but if you're thinking of buying pills, I strongly suggest looking for fenugreek seed. It's fresher than what you get in the pills, and tons cheaper. When I bought fenugreek in pill form, it cost $15 for a small bottle. Bulk fenugreek seed, on the other hand, costs only about $3-4 per lb!

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    I'm also interested in taking Fenugreek but I'm not sure how much to take. I've tried to taking Mother's Milk tea but it didn't work effectively. My lo is 5 going on 6 weeks old and is eating about 4oz every 3-4 hours of expressed milk. I had trouble getting her to latch from the beginning so i've been pumping since. I get about 3-4oz for 30 minutes from both sides. Sometimes she wants more and I have to supplement with formula while I wait for my next session. I will be going back to work and don't want to loose my supply. How can I increase it? I will be going back to work in 2 wks so adding extra sessions won't help I will probably be able to pump before work, one 30min session at work and once i get home. How can i increase my supply to be able to keep up with her demand?

    Thanks for your help!

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    I start with 3 capsule of fenugreek 3 times a day. You need to take enough to smell like maple syrup, theoretically (that has never happened to me, ever) or until you see a change in supply.

    Mama, as an EPer too, as my baby was unable to nurse, I would suggest the following, as EPing is very difficult long-term:
    Have your insurance company pay to see an LC to have baby's latch worked on, it is not too late to switch! In the long run, breastfeeding is WAY easier than EPing
    Rent a hospital grade pump
    Pump for 120 minutes out of every 24 hours. Yep. Every 2-3 hours for 15-30 minutes. Plan to pump like that for at least 12 weeks and then you can consolidate a few sessions. But I pumped 6 times a day for a year.
    Make sure your horns are the right size.
    THEN try herbs and/or medications, because they won't fix any underlying issues with, say, horn size.

    You should be able to pump enough to meet her needs at 6 weeks. So there is an underlying issue.

    We have a pumping forum, and I would suggest coming there where other mothers who pump will see yournquestions and can give you feedback.
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