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    Okay I have been EBF my DD until she was 6 months then I started introducing baby foods. She is now 9 months old and I'm still breastfeeding and doing baby foods. About a week ago I started my period and about two weeks before I started my period my milk supply started to drop, it's been about 5 days since my period and I was hoping it would come back (my supply) it just keeps dropping. I'm devastated I wanted to at least make it to 12 months. Ad just a side note me and my husband are trying for baby #2 with that being said my go to has always been the mothers milk and that always worked for me but I know there are side affects if you are pregnant. With that being said what advice do you ladies have for me? I'm pretty desperate.

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    could you be pregnant?
    Usually mom's who experience a drop in supply from a return of fertility find it usually only lasts a few days.
    Has DD been nursing less than normal or not nursing overnight? That can often trigger a return of fertility along with reduction of supply.

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    How do you know milk supply started to drop and keeps dropping?

    How often is baby nursing and how much solids does she eat? Are you pumping for any reason?

    Not sure what you are asking re "side affects if pregnant?"

    I would suggest think about waiting a bit to try for number 2...it is generally considered best for everyone's health if pregnancies are spaced a bit more.

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    When I got my period back, I noticed a drop in supply from about 5 days after my period started until ovulation. Weird, I know! I had no drop in supply right before and during the period itself.

    Are you pumping or just nursing? If nursing, it should be easier to increase supply because baby will nurse as often as needed if hungry. Btw, you should nurse before giving solids, not the other way around.
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