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Thread: Holding bigger babies

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    Default Holding bigger babies

    Now that my son is packing on the weight, I'm finding it harder and harder to comfortably hold him in cradle or football holds. He doesn't have neck control yet, so trying to hold him stomach to stomach with him sitting up doesn't work, either. Any ideas?
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    Default Re: Holding bigger babies

    I did a lot of side laying for the first few months, or sitting cross legged on the floor so my legs could assist. On a positive note IME bigger babies have neck control sooner.
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    Default Re: Holding bigger babies

    Pillows, and plenty of 'em. And stuff a couple extra blankets into your diaper bag to create an ad hoc on-the-go nursing pillow.
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    Default Re: Holding bigger babies

    Yep, my arm goes numb if I try to cradle hold without support for too long. I use a boppy or other pillows for support under her body, and angle my arm under her head. I also curl one leg up behind her body too (if I'm sitting up or reclining).

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    Default Re: Holding bigger babies

    Tummy to tummy should work fine if you do a laid back position rather then trying to sit bolt upright. Remember it does not have to be WAY back. Play around and find what amount of laid back will be comfortable for you and will work in various situations. My second was like this it was as if he went from newborn size to about 4 month size before he was a month old! And kudos for noticing your baby is too big for these typical newborn positions. Babies need room to drink effectively and latch comfortably and lots of mom who experience latch pain later on it is due to still cradling baby so their chin is too tucked.
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    Default Re: Holding bigger babies

    The BrestFriend Nursing Pillow was my savior from newborn to a year.

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    Default Re: Holding bigger babies

    Lay down
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    Default Re: Holding bigger babies

    I agree. Laying down or using a pillow is the way to go!
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    Default Re: Holding bigger babies

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*yoginimama View Post
    The BrestFriend Nursing Pillow was my savior from newborn to a year.
    YESSSSSS!! Although I use the brestfriend for twins, still using it and my girls are over 10 months old.
    I hated the boppy-would never stay in place.
    While I agree with side-laying, this is fantastic for night feedings, getting a good pillow(s) will help tremendously for cradle/football holds.
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    Default Re: Holding bigger babies

    I find that laying back tummy to tummy doesn't work for us. I sort of sit her on one side and then let her lay back into the crook of my arm. I then use a pillow or the arm of the couch to help support that arm. (My little girl was born 1-22 and is weighing about 12 pounds.) I've also just recently (yesterday) found that using the moby wrap while nursing helps support her, I'm still learning how to use it, but it may be worth a shot. YouTube actually has moms showing different ways to use the moby while nursing. (I found the best deals at the Moby Wrap website or at Wal-Mart).

    Hope you find the way that works best for you!
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